We are proud of our history. Falcon Hotel will soon celebrating its 60th birthday. Whilst many hotels might claim the same we have proof which is interesting in itself.

Below is our business card and brochure from 50 years ago. There were two hotels Falcon Hotel and Devon which was later dissolved but Falcon is still going strong! The ownership of Falcon has changed a couple of times but has been in same ownership for the last last 20 years.

Worth noting the prices then quoted in old currency. there were twenty (20) shillings per pound and the shilling was subdivided into twelve (12) pennies. So 25 shillings was £1.25 in today's money.

Interesting to note we required £1 deposit was required for reservations, almost one night charge as we do today.

Our telephone number was PAD 8603 which is practically same as today's 7723 8603.

These cards were given to us by our oldest regular returning guest (Mr & Mrs Simpson) who have been coming to stay with us for almost 50 years now. That is something to be proud of! Thank you!